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April 29, 2010

Textie for iPhone: Unlimited free texting

Reviewed by David MacNeill

AT$T charges my three-phone family $30 per month for unlimited texting. Considering that one of us is a tweenie, I suppose that's not too horribly overpriced; I'm sure my lovely daughter will soon be texting hundreds of messages every day. But the vast bulk of my texts are sent to my wife and to my editor, both of whom carry iPhones, making us all perfect candidates for a sweet new iPhone app called Textie. Download it from iTunes, sync with your iPhone, set up a free account using your email address and mobile number, then talk you your iPhone-packing friends and family to do the same.

The app is extremely clean and easy to use, resembling the iPhone's inbuilt Messaging app. You can attach photos to your texts, either snapping a fresh one from within Textie or grabbing one from your library. If your intended recipient has not installed Textie or does not have an iPhone, your message is sent to them as an email or standard SMS, depending on how you addressed your message to them. They can then reply directly to your Textie handle.

It just works, or at least it did until the Textie servers got hammered today from all the rave press the app is getting. I was able to use it without incident on my iPad as well, though it looked rather ratty scaled up. Can a proper iPad version be far behind? Textie is free with occasional ads interspersed among your texts, or ad-free for $1.99.

~ David MacNeill (personalmediareview@gmail.com)

David MacNeill produces PersonalMediaReview.com, covering the tools and technologies for creating and enjoying media. He is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Digital Camera Magazine, the first all-digital photography magazine, and executive editor of Handheld Computing Magazine and Pen Computing Magazine.

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